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Version: 2024

Thinkstore introduction

Introduction to the Thinkstore

The Thinkstore is a fully integrated way for downloading and installing ready-made solutions directly into your models right from the Thinkwise IDE (integrated development environment). It contains a collection of scripts and samples to help you get the most out of the Thinkwise Platform.

The Thinkstore only contains solutions specifically for the Software Factory version you are using. Therefore, the Thinkstore will be cleared before every platform upgrade. Once upgraded and opening the Thinkstore in the new Software Factory version, it will initiate a refresh and retrieve all available solutions for that version.

Add the Thinkstore to your firewalls's whitelist

Before you start using the Thinkstore:

  1. Add to the whitelist on the firewall on your server.

Find, download, and install your solution

menu Enrichment > Thinkstore

  1. Find your solution. You can use one or more filter options:

    • Make a selection by category and industry, using the checkboxes on the left.
    • Use the prefilters for a selection on work work model or base base model models.
    • Use the combined filter filter on name, solution and tags.
    • Use the blue tags on the right.
    • Read the Description in the form for more information.
    • For a better overview, you can hide hide the solutions you already installed.
  2. Execute the Download selected solution task to download the solution you want to try. Log in with your TCP account and consent (Allow) to the application.

    download Download selected solution

  3. Execute the Install solution task to install the solution. Enter the Model name and Branch in the pop-up. These must be the same as the model name and version in the Software Factory. If the solution is a base model, you can link it to a Model name and Branch.

    install Install solution

  4. Click Execute.

    Status icons will show the download and installation progress. You can install a solution multiple times under different model names and branches.

    • ready to install Download finished, ready to install.
    • installed Installed.
    • failed Installation failed.
  5. Generate the definitions for your model containing the newly linked model.

thinkstore Example: filter on specific industries = 'Retail', prefilter = 'Base model', combined filter = 'date'

Submit your own solution to the Thinkstore

Would you like to add your solution to the Thinkstore? Then submit your Idea to the Community:

  1. At What kind of topic are you creating?, select Idea.
  2. Enter a Title.
  3. Describe your idea, including the code.
  4. At Product area, select 'Thinkstore'.

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