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Version: 2024



This menu item is only available if your user group is linked to the role Specification developer in IAM.

Introduction to taskboards

The taskboard allows developers to keep track of the status of their work. Accessible from the menu, the taskboard opens as a floating document by default, as developers will often keep the taskboard opened and visible while working in the various modelers.

menu Specification > Taskboard

  • Every leaf-level iteration that is currently active is available as a taskboard by default. This is determined by the start- and end date of the iteration.
  • Multiple taskboards can be active at the same time. This is useful when working with multiple teams.
  • Turn off the prefilter Current iterations to show the taskboards for past and future iterations.

A taskboard


menu Specification > Taskboard

The configuration of lanes in the taskboard is determined by the work status.

  1. Open the selected work item.

  2. Specify the Taskboard sequence no to configure each individual work status to correspond to a certain lane in the taskboard.

When left empty, work with this status will not show up in the taskboard. The taskboards require a minimum of 2 lanes and can have up to 5 lanes.

Multiple work statuses can use the same Taskboard sequence no. In that case, work with multiple statuses is placed in the same lane.

An example work status configuration. Six of the statuses are included in 4 taskboard lanes.

Work details

menu Specification > Taskboard

  1. Use the zoom button Open selected work item at the bottom of each lane to further inspect the selected work.

This will open a new floating document or reuse an earlier opened work document. Attachments, the work log, the linked requirement, business process, feature and iteration are all available here.

Drag-drop a work item into another lane

menu Specification > Taskboard

You can drag and drop work from one lane into another to change the status.

  • If a lane represents more than one status, you will be asked to provide the new status.
  • If work item is not yet assigned, it will be assigned to the current user, unless the work is moved into an inactive lane.

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