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Introduction to Subjects

Introduction to Subjects

In the Subjects screen, you can set up every table or view for the user interface. Various tabs are available.

menu User interface > Subjects

Subjects overview Overview of the Subjects screen

This screen contains tasks that take you to related screens for the selected table. See Go to a related screen for an object.

Create application logic with AI

You can use AI to create application logic.

menu User interface > Subjects

  1. Start the task Generate application logic with AI Generate application logic with AI.
  2. Describe the desired business rule in natural language. The AI will automatically create the application logic and open the control procedure.

The AI generates application logic based on the selected table. However, if your text describes something unrelated to the data in that table, the AI might assign the logic to a different table.

See also the enrichment Generate application logic based on natural language business rules.

Generate application logic with AI Create application logic

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