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Introduction to the Software Factory

This document aims to assist you with the development of an end product with the Thinkwise Software Factory. It explains in steps how to develop, test, and document your software end product. Furthermore, you will become acquainted with the Thinkwise concepts. The menu structure of this manual follows the menu structure of the Software Factory.

Prior knowledge and experience with data modeling and programming in SQL is desirable to be able to develop an end product with the Thinkwise Software Factory.

The Thinkwise Platform consists of four components:

  • Software Factory (SF)
  • Intelligent Application Manager (IAM)
  • Indicium Application Tier
  • Graphical User Interfaces (GUIs).

The Software Factory is used during the development phase to develop an end product. The GUIs read the model so the user can work with the end product.

When developing an application with the Software Factory, you can already demonstrate a working prototype of the application after completing the modeling phase. This is due to the phased structure of the development process, and because no code needs to be written for the prototype. Your stakeholders can already see a working end product at an early stage, and get an idea where the product is going. The prototype serves as the basis for further development, adding functionality, and documentation.

The Intelligent Application Manager administers all the models of the applications that are in production, test, or acceptance. Application administrators can add authorizations and user preferences with the help of the Intelligent Application Manager.

The Indicium application tier is a generic service tier application that uses model interpretation to provide the required logic and functionality.

The presentation for the user is provided by the GUIs (Universal GUI or Windows GUI) in the production environment. The Universal GUI is a fully responsive Progressive Web App for mobile and desktop.


For more information about these components, see the Thinkwise Platform overview.

Software Factory

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