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Version: 2024


Introduction to the Icon repository

The Icon repository contains every icon used in your current branch. They are assigned to an object with their icon identifier (icon_id value).

It is possible to add, change, and remove icons.

Allowed extensions for icons

Allowed extensions in the icon repository are:

  • .gif
  • .jpeg
  • .jpg
  • .png
  • .bmp
  • .svg.

Tasks in the icon repository

renameRename iconRename the icon.
replaceUpdate iconSee: Update an icon for all its related objects
downloadDownload iconDownload an icon to a selected location.
Get varbinary literal...Shows the varbinary code for an icon.

Add an icon

menu User interface > Icons

Add an icon by uploading a new image in the Icon field in the form.

  • In the available tabs, for example, Tables, Reports, or Tasks, you can check where an icon has been used. Using the icon as an entry can be helpful for making an impact analysis or for changes directly in the model.
  • The Hide generated hide generated prefilter hides all icons that are generated.

icon repository Icons in the icon repository

It is possible to replace an icon with another one in all its assignments, for example, as a table icon, domain element icon, and menu item icon. This task is also helpful when duplicates of an icon exist.

menu User interface > Icons

  1. Select the icon you wish to replace.
  2. Execute the Update icon usage for related objects replace task.
  3. In field To icon, add the name of the icon or select the checkbox to upload a new icon.
  4. Click Execute.

update icon Replace an icon

A visual overview of all icons

To find an icon without knowing its name, a visual overview is available.

menu User interface > Icons > tab Icon overview

  • Once you have found the icon in the overview, you can select its row and obtain its name from the corresponding form field.
  • Or, select the icon and execute task Go to icon go to icon. Note that this task will bring you only approximately to the icon since the GUI cannot supply the row information.

overview A visual overview in the Icon repository

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