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File storage locations

File storage location for a branch

The Thinkwise Platform provides multiple options for storing files like documents and photos.

It is possible to deviate from the initially configured file storage location type. For example, the Software Factory writes its code files to disk (default) but this can be switched to AWS. Then, if a system flow contains a Write file connector using the reconfigured file storage, Indicium would write it to AWS S3.


File storage locations cannot be switched from or to storage type "Database".

For more information about the available file storage types, see File storage types.

To set the initial file storage location for a branch:

menu Integration & AI > File storage locations

  1. Create or update the file storage location.

With a 3-tier Software Factory in the Universal GUI, you can store key values encrypted. See Encryption for a branch.

Override File storage location settings
  • To override these settings for a specific runtime configuration (for development and testing): menu Maintenance > Runtime configurations > tab File storage locations. See Runtime configurations for more information.
  • To override these settings for an application in IAM: menu Authorization > Applications > tab File storage locations. See File storage locations settings in IAM.

File storage - allowed extensions

menu Models > Model overview > tab Branches > tab File storage location > tab Extension whitelist

For each file storage location, it's possible to create a whitelist with allowed file extensions. This list can be used to limit the file types that can be uploaded.

Extensions whitelist Whitelist for allowed extensions in file storage

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