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Email providers

Email provider for a branch

You can set up your preferred standard email protocol and related settings for a branch here, such as the server address and port, username, and password. This email provider is then available to be selected in the Email connector process action as the the provider that is responsible to send emails sent from the application.

You can use the Email connector in a process flow to send informative emails from the application. It is even possible to include data from the application in the email.

menu Integration & AI > Email providers

To add an email provider:

  1. Click Add add.
  2. Give your Email provider a name.
  3. Select the Email provider type that you want to use. Depending on your selection, different settings are displayed.
  4. Configure the authentication and server settings. For a description of the available settings, see Email authentication settings.

With a 3-tier Software Factory in the Universal GUI, you can store key values encrypted. See Encryption for a branch.

  1. Optionally, enter the From address and From name. The receiver of the email will see these values in the sender information.
  2. Save your email provider.
Override Email provider settings
  • To override these settings for a specific runtime configuration (for development and testing): menu Maintenance > Runtime configurations > tab Email providers. See Runtime configurations for more information.
  • To override these settings for an application in IAM: menu Authorization > Applications > tab Email providers. See Email providers settings in IAM.

Email authentication settings

SettingEmail providerDescription
Use SSLMicrosoft Graph,
Ensure the security of your emails by using encryption.
Use managed identityMicrosoft GraphUse an automatically managed identity in Azure Active Directory for sending emails.
User nameMailchimp,
The user name of your account with the email provider.
The password of your account with the email provider.
Server addressSMTPThe address of the mail server that sends and receives emails.
Server portSMTPThe port number on the mail server that is used for SMTP.
API keyMailchimp,
An identifier that allows communication with your provider and integration with other platforms and apps.
TenantMicrosoft GraphThe name of your Microsoft tenant. Optional if Use managed identity is selected.
ClientMicrosoft GraphYour client ID. Optional if Use managed identity is selected.
Client secretMicrosoft GraphThe client secret that belongs to your client ID. Optional if Use managed identity is selected.

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