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Version: 2023

Code overview

Introduction to Code overview

menu Business logic > Code overview

The Code overview screen shows an overview of all the objects containing business logic. Here, you can easily find, re-generate and apply these business logic concepts for specific objects.

code overview Code overview

Generate the source code

To generate the source code for the selected program objects:

menu Business logic > Code overview

  1. Execute the task Generate selected program objects generate selected.

To inspect the code, execute the task Show generated item code show.

Execute program objects to the database

To execute the program objects to the database:

  1. Execute the task Execute selected program objects execute selected.

Open a control procedure or template

To maintain the program object, you can easily jump from the Code overview screen to a program object's control procedure or template in the Functionality screen:

  • go to cp Go to control procedure in Functionality - Opens the control procedure in the Control procedure tab in the Functionality screen.
  • go to template Go to Template in Functionality - Opens the template in the Template tab in the Functionality screen.

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