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Code overview

Introduction to Code overview

menu Business logic > Code overview

The Code overview screen shows an overview of all the objects containing business logic. Here, you can easily find, re-generate and apply these business logic concepts for specific objects.

code overview Code overview

Generate the source code

To generate the source code for the selected program objects:

menu Business logic > Code overview

  1. Execute the task Generate selected generate selected.

  2. Optional: to inspect the code, execute the task Show generated item code show.

  3. Optional: to maintain a control procedure or template within the same program object, execute one of the following tasks:

    • go to cp Go to control procedure in Functionality (Alt + C)
    • go to template Go to Template in Functionality (Alt + T)

    See also Go to a related screen for an object.

Execute program objects to the database

To execute the program objects to the database:

  1. Execute the task Execute selected execute selected.

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