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Third-party integrations

The Thinkwise Platform offers a wide range of integration options, allowing you to connect your application to virtually any third-party application, tool or service. This page contains an overview of proven third-party integrations that are available for the Thinkwise Platform.

User interface integrations


With the Thinkwise Maps screen component you can visualize locations or track assets from within your Thinkwise application. It is built on the Leaflet library, a popular open-source JavaScript library for creating interactive maps. It uses base layers to display the map (such as a street map or satellite map) and overlay layers to display additional information (such as locations, weather, or traffic data).

For more information about possible integrations, see Third-party integrations for Maps.

Business Intelligence

The Thinkwise Platform provides built-in Business Intelligence features through interactive pivot tables and charts to give users immediate insights and incorporate operational business intelligence directly within their workflows.

For more advanced Business Intelligence solutions, you can use the Thinkwise OData API to make the data from your application available to advanced third-party BI solutions.

For more information, see Third-party integrations for Business Intelligence.

Custom screen components

Custom screen components provide a powerful way to expand the functionality of Thinkwise applications. They enable seamless integration of any web page within the Thinkwise Universal GUI. This integration leverages the full range of available web technologies and frameworks, like HTML, JavaScript and React.

For more information, see Third-party integrations for custom screens.

Document management integrations

Document generation and reporting

The Thinkwise Platform offers several integrated document generation options. In addition to these integrated options, it is possible to connect to external tools for document generation.

For more information about the integrated options and external tools, see Third-party integrations for reports.

Document scanning and OCR

Document scanning and (OCR) tools can be used to scan documents and extract text from scanned images or PDF files. By automatically processing documents, such as invoices, receipts, or order confirmations, you can automate workflows, streamline processes, and unlock valuable data. Most cloud vendors provide services for document scanning and OCR that can be integrated.

  • WhiteVision
  • DocHorizon from Klippa - Thinkwise Partner High-tech solutions, powered by AI, to automatically extract both text and structured data from documents and images.

Document signing

Document signing solutions allow you to send documents electronically and collect digital signatures from your customers, suppliers, or colleagues. This can save you time and money, and help you to improve your business processes.

The generic web connectors of the Thinkwise Platform allow you to integrate many different document signing solutions, but some of the most popular are:

  • DocuSign
  • PandaDoc

Cloud printing

If your application is deployed in the cloud and you want to automatically print documents, such as letters or invoices, using the Thinkwise Platform Print file connector, you can use a cloud printing solution. For example:

  • Microsoft Universal Print - also available through the Microsoft Graph API

Label printing

The standard way to print labels and barcodes is by supplying files with Zebra Programming Language (ZPL) code to the label printer. This was originally introduced by Zebra label printers, but nowadays it is supported by most other label printers as well.

It can be done in two ways: by sending the file to the printer or by placing it in a specific location where the printer software will automatically pick it up. Generating and sending or storing these files is possible with the standard file connectors of the Thinkwise Platform.

File and cloud storage

File generation and processing are requirements for almost every enterprise application. The Thinkwise Platform offers a range of options for file storage and processing, with standard connectors for various types of file storage, including cloud.

For more information about the supported file storage types, see File storage.

Barcode scanning

The Thinkwise Universal GUI provides basic barcode scanning features out-of-the-box using the integrated ZXing barcode scanner. For more information, see Third-party integrations for barcode scanning.

If you need RFID or smart label solutions: Brady RFID labels

Workspace integrations


The process flow connectors in the Thinkwise Platform offer different integrations:

  • Email connector - Supports the standard SMTP protocol, but on some cloud platforms, like Azure, it is only possible to send emails via an SMTP relay service. The Email connector supports the following email providers: SMTP, Microsoft Graph, Mailchimp, and Twilio Sendgrid.
  • SMTP connector - Supports any online email service.
  • Web connector - Supports any online email service.

Communication and collaboration

The two market leaders in communication and collaboration are:

  • Microsoft Teams - use the Microsoft Graph API or use email to send messages to teams, channels, or users
  • Slack - allows programmatic interaction with Slack features through the Slack API or send emails directly to channels or specific users.

In addition, you can integrate with workflow services to automate your processes. For example:

  • Power Automate
  • Azure Logic Apps

By adding a deep link to an email, chat, or workflow message, you can lead users directly to the relevant information in your application.

Office integration (Microsoft 365 and Exchange)

You can use Thinkwise process flow connectors to integrate with Microsoft 365, using the powerful Microsoft Graph API. For more information, see Microsoft Graph authentication. This gives you full access to all Microsoft 365 services and features.

For several Exchange services, like email, contacts, calendar items and tasks, the Thinkwise Platform provides out-of-the-box Thinkstore solutions to synchronize data from Exchange online and on-premise with your Thinkwise application. For more information, see Micorosoft Graph solutions in the Thinkstore. You can use these solutions in two ways:

  • Use data from Exchange in your Thinkwise application to optimize your business processes.
  • Use the information stored in your Thinkwise application to generate or enrich, for example, calendar items in your users' Exchange calendar.

Identity and access management

The Thinkwise Platform can act in two ways:

  • As an OpenID client, facilitating user authentication and provisioning through established Identity and Access Management providers. This integration enables seamless login experiences for users via familiar platforms, such as Microsoft Entra ID (formerly Azure Active Directory), Google, Facebook, and GitHub.
  • As an OpenID Provider, allowing third-party applications to authenticate users via the Thinkwise Platform using the Authorization code grant flow of the OAuth2 protocol.

Applications and services

ERP, CRM and Finance

You can create your own, tailor-made and highly optimized ERP, CRM or Financial applications with the Thinkwise Platform, but it also provides all the tools you need to integrate with your existing enterprise applications. Successful integrations have been set up with the following applications, among others:

  • Exact Globe, Online & Financials - Thinkwise Partner
  • SAP S/4HANA & Business One
  • Microsoft Dynamics 356
  • HubSpot
  • Visma ERP & AccountView
  • Unit4 Multivers
  • Slimstock
  • Various EDI interfaces

Artificial Intelligence

The following AI integrations are default available in the Thinkwise Platform:

  • Machine learning and timeseries forecasting - Out-of-the-box solutions to unlock many possibilities for automation, predictive analytics, and personalized experiences.

  • Large Language Models - Dedicated process flow connectors to integrate AI chatbots, content generation, and text analytics into your application. The platform currently supports the following Generative AI providers:

    • OpenAI (ChatGPT)

    • Azure OpenAI


      If you need support for other Generative AI providers, such as Google Gemini or Meta Llama, please let us know by creating an idea on the Thinkwise Community.

  • Web connections - A dedicated process flow connector for easy integration of any online AI service into your application. Successful integrations have already been set up with the following online AI services, among others:

    • Azure Cognitive Services
    • Azure Machine Learning
    • Amazon Rekognition

Payment services

To offer online payment options within a Thinkwise application, for example, for paying orders or subscriptions, you can use the Thinkwise process flow Web connectors to connect to a payment provider. Payment providers act as a gateway to many different payment methods, such as iDeal, credit card, PayPal and Klarna. A well-known Dutch payment provider is Mollie:

  • Mollie Online Payments
  • Ingenico

Database connectivity

The Thinkwise process flow Database connector allows you to connect to any database management system with ODBC support.

Out-of-the-box, the Thinkwise Platform supports the following databases:

  • SQL Server
  • IBM i DB2
  • Oracle Database

Web services and APIs

With our out-of-the-box Web connectors you can connect to third-party web services and APIs. This includes the required connectors to authenticate users using different types of OAuth 2.0 flows. For more information, see the OAuth connectors.

In addition to all the services already mentioned on this page, examples of popular APIs to connect with are:

  • - Provides datasets with Dutch business information, license plate information and cadaster, address & postcode information
  • KVK API - Provides a direct link to current data from the Dutch trade register
  • - international address API
  • VIES - VAT Information and Exchange System

Thinkwise OData API

Third-party applications and services, in turn, can connect to Thinkwise applications with minimal effort using the provided webhooks and REST API. The Thinkwise Platform uses the OData protocol for its API, one of the most widely used standards for RESTful web services. For more information, see OData API

To simplify the process of using the Thinkwise API, the Thinkwise application tier provides several ways to expose the API metadata:

  • XML metadata
  • Service document (.svc)
  • OpenAPI metadata

This metadata can be used in many tools to import the API definition and access the data through the API, for example with:

  • Microsoft Excel
  • Microsoft Power Automate
  • Swagger - Generate code to access the Thinkwise application’s API
  • Your custom website or webshop
  • Your dedicated native mobile app

The Thinkwise Platform also provides support for webhooks and public APIs. For more information about the possible integrations, see Public API call.

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