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Version: 2023

Logs, analysis, and notifications

Introduction to logs, analysis, and notifications

menu Analysis

In menu Analysis, the following items are available:

  • Session log - an overview of all sessions for all users.
  • Two-factor log - an overview of the use of two-factor authentication for all users.
  • Session analysis - a pivot table to analyze all user sessions.
  • Action analysis - a pivot table to analyze all actions.
  • Recommendations
  • Scheduled system flows - see System flows.
  • Notifications - push notifications to users. See Notifications in this manual.


Universal GUI

You can push notifications to users in two ways:

This tab shows active notifications for both types:

menu Analysis > Notifications > tab Notifications

  • Pending notifications remain visible until they have been shown to the user or until their expiration date.
  • You can set the number of expired or sent notifications that should remain visible in menu Settings > Global settings > group User > field Notification retention (items). Deselect prefilter Pending pending to see those.

In addition, you can add, edit and delete notifications that should be sent to a user without a system flow. Indicium uses the required data to send the notification to the specified user as soon as they are logged in.

notifications Example notification