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Version: 2023

History analysis

Introduction to history analysis

Advanced menu > Auditing > History analysis

The screen History analysis provide means to analyze the logged data.


Advanced menu > Auditing > History analysis

The purpose of logging is to be able to determine when a record was changed and what that change was. IAM maintains logs for Roles, OpenID and General data about models and users.

Example: history analysis of applications

Advanced menu > Auditing > History analysis > tab General > tab Applications

The example below shows the Applications tab on the History Analysis screen. The list of data includes all changes made to all records in Applications.

  • If a cell is colored yellow, the value of the column that contains the cell has been changed.
  • If the Valid to field is blue, the record has been deleted. The moment of the deletion is stored in the Valid to field.

iam_application_history.png History analysis