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System flows

The System flows screen provides an overview of all scheduled system flows. Refer to Process schedules for more information on system flows and how to create a schedule. The list shows system flows that have been synchronized to IAM. By default, only system flows with an active schedule are shown but by disabling the Active prefilter all system flows will be shown.

The task Reset to default schedule will set the schedule to the default that was specified in the Software Factory.

The task Disable schedule will clear any active schedules for the system flow.

system_flows.png System flow overview


This screen shows all available schedules for the system flow. The form on the right details when the schedule will be run.

To change the active schedule, the task Activate schedule can be used.

system_flows.png Overview of schedules for the system flow

Schedule log

This screen shows a log of all schedules that have been run previously, along with the UTC start and end times of the run.