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Web GUI - integrated security (EoL)


In accordance with our lifecycle policy, the Web GUI is no longer supported. The Thinkwise Platform version 2023.3 is the last version to support the Web GUI. The Universal GUI is the Web GUI's successor. It matches the Web GUI's functionality and more. For more information, see the blog post on the Thinkwise Community.

The Web GUI supports Integrated Security. Using Integrated Security, domain users can log in on the Web GUI without having to enter their credentials.

Enabling Integrated Security

Integrated Security can be enabled in IIS by:

  1. Checking Windows Authentication in the Security group when installing IIS in Security:

  2. Clicking on your application in the IIS manager and subsequently clicking on Authentication:

  3. Select Windows Authentication and right-click on enable:


Domain users can directly use Windows Authentication by navigating to the application via the following URL: https://server/AutoLogin.aspx

The log-in page of the Web GUI remains available for users with other authentication types. On this page, a link can be added to allow the domain user to automatically log in via the AutoLogin.aspx page without needing to change the URL. This can be enabled with the LoginIamDomainUser extended property.

Browser configuration

This feature can be used without configuration in the browser. The browser will then show a log-in dialogue to the user where they only have to fill in their domain account once as long as the browser remains open.


It is recommended not to use this feature on public PCs because users that subsequently log in on this PC will then also have access to the account. Also, do not forget to log out, using the red button at the bottom left-hand corner of the GUI.

To be able to fully automatically log in, without manually entering the domain account on your own PC, you should give the web server's URL permission to be allowed to use this in your favorite browser.

IE and Edge

Open Internet Options from the browser or Windows settings.

Via the Custom Level button you can specify what should be done per Security zone if you try to log in automatically.


Navigate to: `about:config``

Check the following settings by looking them up in the list or this page:

network.negotiate-auth.delegation-uris[web-server url]
network.automatic-ntlm-auth.trusted-uris[web-server url]

Firefox Add-ons are also available to do this.


Within Windows, Chrome uses the same settings as IE and Edge.

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