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Generative AI setup

With generative AI, you can automate functionality that can be easily done by large language models like OpenAI. The Thinkwise Platform supports using AI to do automatic code reviews and to perform certain enrichment steps when using the Upcycler.

Before you can use generative AI on the Thinkwise Platform, set it up for each component that needs it. Using generative AI is optional.

Enable generative AI

You can use generative AI on the Thinkwise Platform for:

Before setting up generative AI, obtain an API key on the website of OpenAI if you do not have one yet.

To enable the AI capabilities of the Software Factory or the Upcycler:


Authorization > Applications

  1. In tab List Select the application for which you want to set up an AI provider:
    • Software Factory: SQLSERVER_SF
  2. Go to the tab General settings > tab Generative AI providers.
  3. Edit edit generative_ai and set the API key.
  4. Optional: Change the chat completion model from the default gpt-3.5-turbo to another model that your key allows.

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