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Version: 2024

Container registry authentication

Introduction to container registry authentication

It is mandatory to authenticate to the registry before you can pull container images. This can be achieved by requesting a token at TCP > Software > Thinkwise containers.

A token contains a username and password, which gives you access to the container images in the Thinkwise Container Registry.

Authentication tokens

Request a token

TCP > Software > Thinkwise containers

  1. Execute the Request token request token task and enter a Description.

    • The description and name of a generated token are visible to the employees of your company, so colleagues can revoke your token if needed. Keep this in mind when you give the token a description. It is possible to edit the description of a token later.
    • Do not use the same credentials at multiple places. Generate new credentials with a clear description for each machine or cloud instance you want to use.
  2. Select Execute to generate the token.

The token contains:

  • Username - Username to log in to the registry.
  • Secret - The secret/password belonging to this created token.

The secret is shown only once. Apply it directly to the machine you want to the token for.

Edit token description

If required, a token description can be modified. This could be useful when the initial description did not fully match the intended use of this token.

TCP > Software > Thinkwise containers

  1. Execute the Edit token description edit token.

Revoke a token

When you no longer require the token, or if it is compromised, you can revoke it.

TCP > Software > Thinkwise containers

  1. Execute the Revoke token revoke token task.
  2. Select Yes if you wish to continue.

The token will be deleted. Any machines using the credentials of this token will no longer be able to authenticate with the registry (and thus not be able to pull/update container images).

Log in to the registry

Log in to the registry:

docker login

After executing the command, the shell will prompt for the username and password. Paste the username and secret from the token in here.

For example:

$ docker login
Username: <token-username>
Login Succeeded

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