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Version: 2024

AutoML service setup

The Automated Machine Learning (AutoML) service is used by the Software Factory to train machine learning models in development environments. The same service is used in test and production environments to perform predictions using the trained models.

When this service is not configured, these features cannot be used.


Configure Indicium

Modify the appsettings.json file in the Indicium installation folder as follows to allow Indicium to communicate with the AutoML service:

"MetaSourceConnection": {
"Server": "[server]",
"Database": "[iam_database]",
"AutoML": {
"AutoMLServiceURL": "http://localhost:8080/"

Enable the AutoML training schedule

Once the container and Indicium have been configured, the AutoML training schedule can be enabled. This is a scheduled process flow for the Software Factory.

Verify that the schedule is enabled in the Intelligent Application Manager:

  1. Log in to IAM as an administrator.
  2. Navigate in to the menu Authorization > Applications.
  3. Select the Software Factory. This is the application with model ID SQLSERVER_SF.
  4. Navigate to the detail Scheduled system flows.
  5. Turn off the prefilter Active to view all system flows that can be scheduled for the Software Factory.
  6. Select the process flow system_flow_automl_training.
  7. Ensure the schedule every_30_seconds is set to Active.

New AutoML models that are queued to train in the Software Factory will now start their training cycle within 30 seconds.

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