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Version: 2022

Software Factory

The purpose of this document it to assist you with the development of an end product with the Thinkwise Software Factory. You will learn step-by-step how to develop, test and document your software end product in this innovative manner. Furthermore, you will become acquainted with the underlying Thinkwise concepts.

Some prior knowledge and/or experience with data modeling and programming is desirable but not required to be able to develop an end product with the Thinkwise Software Factory.

The Thinkwise Platform consists of four components:

  • Thinkwise Software Factory (SF)
  • Intelligent Application Manager (IAM)
  • Thinkwise Application Tier (Indicium)
  • Thinkwise Graphical User Interfaces (GUIs)

The Thinkwise Software Factory is used during the development, test and acceptance phases to develop an end product. The GUIs read in the model so that the user can work with the end product.

When the product is approved, this is then transferred to the production environment. The Intelligent Application Manager administers all models of the applications that are in production. The application administrators can also add authorizations and user preferences with the help of the Intelligent Application Manager.

The presentation for the user is also provided by the GUIs in the production environment. The GUIs are available for Windows, Web and Mobile (smartphone and tablet).

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