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Version: 2022

Model rights

Introduction to Model rights

In the Model rights screen, rights can be assigned to roles from a model's perspective.

Assign roles to objects

menu Access control > Model rights > tab Model

In this tab, you can assign multiple roles to objects.

Model rights

Verify whether a new object has roles assigned

When building a project in the Software Factory, you create new objects (for example, tables, columns, and tasks). The next step should be to assign the correct authorization to those objects. Without, users cannot see or interact with the newly created object.

To verify whether roles have been assigned to all new objects:

menu Access control > Model rights > tab New objects

  1. Execute the Update previous version previous version task to set the previous project and version you want to compare this version with. This is the same version that is used for a data conversion.
  2. Check whether the Unverified objects unverified objects prefilter is active, so you only see the unverified objects.
  3. Execute the Go to object go to object task to jump to the selected object in the Model tab.
  4. Here, check whether roles have been assigned.
    • If not, add them and return to the New objects tab.
    • If so, return to the New objects tab.
  5. Select the object and execute the Mark as verified mark as verified task. Information on whether an object has been verified, by whom, and when is added to the form.

New objects

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