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Version: 2022

Full model

The Full model screen provides access to the entire model of a project version. It is advised, however, to use the specific modelers instead. The full model is intended for reference and for the advanced user.

Overview of the Full model screen

Like all other modelers, the Full model screen is linked to the project version selector in the Project ribbon tab page. Using the project version selector, you can select or switch to the project version you want to work in when opening a modeler.

Project version selector

Non-development project versions are highlighted in red to make it clear that you should not be using this version.

The Software Factory keeps track of which project and version was selected last and will automatically select that version when the user logs in again.

To clearly indicate in which project and version the developer is working, a breadcrumb trail is available on every screen, in which the project and the version are displayed.

Project version breadcrumb

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