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Version: 2022

Introduction to Extenders

The Object Model Extender is a concept for releasing formally approved GUI features ahead of schedule.

At Thinkwise, the software for the Software Factory and IAM is released three times a year. The GUI’s on the other hand are released every three weeks. Sometimes we plan to implement a GUI feature on short notice, but the meta definition in the Software Factory and IAM won't be available for another two or three months. To avoid having to wait that long, we use an Object Model Extender. It contains a temporary meta level definition and will be removed automatically after the next Software Factory and IAM release.

This way we are able to temporarily unlock GUI features until they are fully available in the Software Factory and IAM.


Object model extenders are not suitable for customizations per customer or extensions/plug-ins.

This is an advanced feature that requires knowledge of the GUI feature being configured. Please contact your Thinkwise contact for assistance when needed.

An extender can be configured here:

menu Projects > Full model > tab Extenders > tab Extender

Extenders created here are supported by Indicium, but keep in mind that not all properties are supported by all GUI's.


  1. Create a new extender in the Extender tab.
  2. Configure by assigning values to the properties in the Extender properties tab. Properties highlighted in red indicate mandatory properties and must be assigned a value to ensure the extender will work. Other properties are either optional or have a default value when no value is assigned in the modeler.
  3. For a more detailed description on how to assign values, refer to the Description field for each property.
  4. Some properties can be assigned a value multiple times. If that is desired, check the Multiple allowed checkbox.
  5. To create another property, click on the Create property task icon (+) in the top left corner.

Creating multiple properties

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