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Version: 2022


Before starting a project, especially when working on the same project with a team of people, it is useful to agree to a number of basic rules and conventions.

For example, specify choices for:

  • Language to be used

    • Requirements - which language best guarantees the clarity of the requirements?

    • Data model - important because reports can be directly created on the database, for instance.

  • Screen resolution

    • Thinkwise screens are constructed relatively and therefore always work, but they can be optimized for specific resolutions.
  • Use of one sub-name group for all projects

    • A sub-name group (list with used terms) is useful if there are different applications with the same topics. In that case, a company standard can be established.
  • Use of shortcuts for tasks, reports and filters

    • Use of Alt, Ctrl+Alt, Ctrl+Shift, etc. for standard tasks for copying, editing and removing, standard reports and common prefilters, for example, for statuses.
  • Conditional formatting

    • Standard color combinations, formatting across cell or row and font or background color
  • Style

    • House style, color schemes and icon set[2] for tables, tasks, reports and prefilters

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