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Version: 2022


Screenshots for Mobile app submission in the App Store and Google Play can be made using the Thinkwise viewer.

  1. Start the viewer in debug mode using debug.bat
  2. Click the Toggle device toolbar icon - 1538559504333
  3. Select an existing device or add a new device using Edit...
  4. Optionally select an orientation using the Rotate icon - 1538559533885
  5. Open the menu - 1538559584191
  6. Take a screenshot using Capture full size screenshot


Required images

Splash1200x1200 or larger
Android Pictogram512x512
Android Banner1024x500
iOS screenshot 11242x2208iPhone 6 plus (5.5 inch)
iOS screenshot 22732x2048iPad Pro (12.9 inch)
Android screenshot 12x smartphoneNexus 6P or similar
Android screenshot 27 inch tabletNexus 7 or similar
Android screenshot 310 inch tabletNexus 10 or similar

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