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Version: 2022


Global settings

menu Settings > Global settings


menu Settings > Global settings > group Metrics

Thinkwise collects metrics regarding the usage of the Thinkwise Platform. These metrics are used to better support our customers and partners.

The data consists of an anonymized collection of relevant information related to the use of the Thinkwise Platform. Only metadata is collected, so no personal data, no business logic, and no customer data. The data is collected from models in IAM and the Software Factory.

This feature is optional. You can opt-out by deselecting the Send usage metrics checkbox.

Global translations

menu Settings > Global translations

Global translations are used when a user logs into a web application, and the user's identity and application language are not yet known.

See Login language for web applications in IAM's Administrator's guide.


menu Settings > Hotfixes

Shows a list with all hotfixes that are available for download for the current IAM version.
Hotfixes that are already installed have the Applied checkbox selected.

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