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Version: 2022

Crystal Reports

To use Crystal Reports in the Windows GUI, Web GUI or Indicium application tier, the Crystal Reports drivers must be installed on the client or web server. This concerns Crystal Reports Runtime 13 with service pack 21 up to 25 for the right OS. With both, the support for the ASP.NET Web components must be installed.

The latest Crystal Reports Runtime Engine (32/64 Bit) can be downloaded here by selecting the SAP Crystal Reports, version for Visual Studio software product or using these direct links to version 13.0.25:


Service pack 26 and above are currently incompatible with all Thinkwise products.

For the Web GUI, the Crystal Reports installation creates a new directory to IIS with the name aspnet_client. This directory contains the resources (HTML, JavaScript and CSS) which the Web GUI needs for the preview of reports. If the application is not deployed in the IIS default website, then the aspnet_client directory can be copied to the corresponding website.

If the browser in which the preview is opened cannot access the aspnet_client folder, then a blank preview dialogue will open. The unsuccessful request and what this refers to can be traced in the Network tab of the browsers Developer Tools (F12). The unsuccessful request is colored red and refers to /aspnet_client/...

Check on the web server why this request gives no result. The folder within aspnet_client\system_web possibly contains an incorrect version number and may have to be renamed.

Previous versions

Versions of the Thinkwise Windows and Web user interfaces before 2019.2.15, the Indicium application tier before 2019.2.5 and the Thinkwise Reporting service before 4.0 require service pack 20 of the Crystal Reports Runtime Engine, due to Crystal Reports compatibility issues.

Downloads are available for 32 Bit and 64 Bit.

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